The Monster

The Monster

Birrell Jones
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Sculpted from high fired stoneware. Fired with an ash glaze.

The monster - a friendly guy - was sculpted over the course of three months by Sculptor Suzanne Birrell. She reports that while drying slowly, the daughter of one of the other sculptors would talk to the monster daily. The little girl reported the monster was nice. She wanted to know if it would fly away when the wings dried.

The little girl and the monster inspired a story about a very nice monster who loves eating flowers -- which in turn has inspired a screen play.

Because the piece was so difficult to execute, the other clay artists refused to fired their work in the same firing as the monster. Suzanne had to generate enough work to fill the walk in kiln by herself.

21 inches tall x 14 inches x 14 inches.

The monster has suffered a broken wing which has been glued. Weight is estimated.

By Sculptor Suzanne Birrell.